The heartwarming gesture of a Nigerian lady who spotted an elderly market woman sleeping while selling her goods, has had netizens in their feelings.

A video which captures the moment the elderly woman slept while on duty before the kindhearted lady approached her, has garnered thousands of likes and engagement on social media with a lot people lauding the good Samaritan.

The lovely young lady, after seeing the elderly woman asleep, decided to approach her and pay for all of her giids without taking them and asked that the elderly woman close her business for the day, since all her goods have been technically sold out.

Bewildered but quite grateful by the gesture, the old woman is seen thanking the young lady and embracing her for her kindness.

Watch the video as you scroll,

The video of course, stirred reactions from users who had lovely things to say about it.

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As long as you No collect the money back after the video😂😂 God bless your good heart❤️🤝

She will never forget this day😍😍😍 OMO God abeg ooo, bless me, make me self bless

I really want to put a smile on someone’s face too🥺

She no go go house ooo. She must wait to sell all the goods finish lol. Our mothers sha 😂