Nigerian singer, Wizkid’s first babymama, Shola Ogudugu has weighed in on the alleged rape crime on a 10 year old student of Chrisland School.

Boluwatife Balogun, the first child of Wizkid and Shola attends Chrisland school and was among the chosen ones at the World School Games which held in Dubai a month ago.

Shola revealed that her son opened up to her on the incident and told her that it wasn’t a rape case.

According to Shola, she was shocked when Bolu narrated the incident to her.

He told her that he couldn’t stand the video his friends were watching and had to excuse himself.

He told his mum that they were playing the game of truth and dare and were making mind bugging dares.

Shola wrote, “It took me a lot of thinking before dropping this comment. The way we just throw the word ‘RAPE’ around so loosely without considering how much damage it can cause. Firstly, as parents we need to lay close attention to our kids and what we expose them too, cos mahn it’s a crazy world we live in. Secondly, I accompanied my son to represent his school at the just concluded WSG and I can say for a fact that the 10 yr old in question was DEFINITELY not raped. I remember vividly the SHOCK in my son’s face when he was telling me about a video some other kid was watching. He said Mum, I couldn’t stand the video I had to excuse myself he said the gist circulating was that the girl and her click played a game of truth or dare, of which this particular girl couldn’t stop with the mind bugging CARES I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned about the nasty activities this lil kids get themselves involved in. To make matters worse, even when she was accosted about the video, she was owning it with her full chest, saying yeah it’s the video and so”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Chrisland school received heavy backlash after suspending the 10 year old following the incident.

Revealing the school’s identity, Ubi Franklin recounted how the school management deceived the girl’s parents that they were taking her for Covid test, however, they conducted a pregnancy test for her.

The talent manager noted how he was still unable to grasp what was happening following the suspension.

The school on their part, gave reason for the suspension.

The school management claimed that they suspended her because of her improper behavior. According to them, she had participated in a “Truth and Dare” game after the lights out which prompted the rape.

The school management added that such behavior wouldn’t be condone until the parents ensure that she is punished, adequately counselled and rehabilitated.

The news generated backlash as many blasted the school management