Woman faints and falls under moving train in shocking video but survives (video)

A woman fainted and fell under a moving train in Argentina and it was captured on CCTV.


The woman, named only as Candela, lost her balance and tumbled off the platform at Independence Station in Buenos Aires.


Footage showed Candela wobble on her feet before stumbling towards the coming train.


She fell and disappeared down a gap between two carriages.


Onlookers feared she wouldn’t survive the fall as the train continued moving.


But she was miraculously rescued alive from the tracks after the train stopped.


As commuters crowded round, she sat and then lay down on the platform and was finally taken away in a wheelchair to an ambulance.


She was taken to Buenos Aires Hospital and has now been discharged and told she was out of danger.


After she was discharged, she said in an interview that she felt she had been reborn after surviving the horror incident.


She told an Argentinian TV station: “I suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and fainted.


“I tried to warn the person in front of me but don’t remember anything else, even the moment I smashed into the train.


“I don’t know how I’m still alive. I’m still trying to make sense of it all.”


A witness to the incident said: “This girl has been reborn. It’s a miracle.


“We were waiting for the train and suddenly she fell onto the track. Amazingly it was just a scare.”


Watch the video below.