This still come back to home training and monitoring kids. My younger sister had a tablet and a phone when she got admission to a military secondary school. The rest of us went to a Federal school and did not use such, so you can imagine our surprise. It was compulsory they had a tablet. While the tablet was with the school and was given to them whenever it is needed and they do assignment on it. And her phone was home till she gets back from boarding house which was closely monitored by my parents, the same way a car has child lock is the same way the phone had a child lock, screen time etc, the same way your Dstv has a child limitation to it. And like my mother will say, her children are are first assignment from the lord. If she failed in her first job, what will she go back to tell the lord, Even for my mum to become an evangelist in church, she refused, she will tell our pastor that her first assignment was not done, and she has her job and still have to train her kids. To the glory of God, the five of us are married and doing well today. Parents should not just buy things for kids and just leave it for them to figure it out, my father will always say money does not solve every problem in a child’s life, they need attention and a close confidant in their parent. If you fail to train your child as a woman or man, I really do not know the essence of your race on earth. Normalize participating in your child’s life, know where they are lacking academically, emotionally so you can step in, take time to hang out with them and their friends, hang out with them on holiday, teach them the way of the lord and above all, teach them the manners. Training kids consume time, be sure you are ready for the assignment before taking it up. May God help and strengthen every family out there.

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