In a fresh episode of not-everything-you-see-on-social-media-is-real, a young man was left stunned after discovering the length a couple went just so they could project serving couple goals and make people go “awww”.

According to the user who took to Twitter to reveal what he discovered, a couple technically lied about something that happened to them just so people could be in awe of their relationship.

The user, with the handle @UnusualBobo took to the social networking platform to reveal how a lady purchased a car with her own money but had her husband decorate it with a red ribbon just so he could present it as though he was the one who bought the car for her.

@UnusualBobo shared that when the said husband presented the car to his wife, she went all dramatic and shed crocodile tears, asking what she’d done to deserve such from him.

He wrote on his page,

This marriage thing is confusing.

The wife bought herself a nice car, the husband tied a red ribbon and presented it to her in our presence.

Suddenly, the wife started crying saying, “what have I done to deserve this”

I am still in shock, brethren.