Court hears how 39 year old female teacher allegedly forced hands of 12-year-old

A 39 year old teacher in Scotland, Carol Ann White, is facing trial in court for allegedly performing sexual activity with two children 

Carol Ann White, is accused of engaging in sexual activity with a boy, who has special educational needs (and cannot be named for legal reasons,) between April 2019 and May 2020.

She also allegedly kissed another boy, aged 11, slapped his buttocks and wrapped her legs around his body while teaching at a different school in Lanarkshire, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors say while on a trip to an outdoor activity center, near Oban, she told the 12-year-old ‘if you touch me then I will touch you’ before grabbing his hand.

He claimed she touched his private parts and forced his hand into her trousers during the alleged incident in March 2020.

White, who pled not guilty to two separate charges, allegedly sent the boy a photo in April 2020 with the caption ‘Cockblock of the year goes to Covid-19’.

He was also asked about ‘inappropriate’ images of himself that were sent to White. ‘Sometimes she would ask me to do this,’ he replied.

The boy also claimed that White became ‘jealous’ whenever he spoke to another teacher at his school.

He added: ‘She doesn’t want me talking to anybody else. She told me she was jealous because she had me in her class.’

A court heard White sent the boy the following message: ‘You are not my baby anymore. I just want you to be happy. I miss my baby’s hugs more than anything else in the world.’

A forensic search of phones belonging to White and the boy revealed a total of 1,185 messages had been exchanged between them in which she called him ‘handsome’, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘sweetheart’.

The boy also alleged White kissed him on the lips while on the trip as he sat on a bed.

All of the alleged offences are said to have happened in two primary schools, the Time Capsule leisure center near Glasgow, the outdoor centre near Oban, White’s home and an address in Cumbernauld, prosecutors alleged.