A recent thread on micro-blogging website, Twitter, has exposed the unsavory conditions some tenants put up with in the hands of their Landlords.

One particular story took netizens aback as a man disclosed that his Landlord once sent him parking from his house at 10PM simply because he complained about a bad Tap in the bathroom.

His post on Twitter reads;

Omgg! Akindele House with my full chest!

I left this man’s house by 11pm on 3 September 2019, WITH MY LOADS

Wetin I do? I told this man that the tap in the bathroom was bad, & apparently I committed treason

He said I should park out of his house that night,I think say na joke

The bad tap was one among the multifold of things wrong with that house.

The walls were peeling off, the roof was leaking, you and rats go dey live like say them contribute house rent, how bout the road leading up to the house? I chop curses from Uber tire

That’s how this man entered my apartment around 10pm that night and said I should leave. I’m sorry what?!

He said I should give him my account number let him refund my 3 months left. I hesitated, na so Baba carry tiles to hit me, said he will kill me and nothing will happen.

I was still thinking pe I’m in a movie, na so Baba break the door handle, broke tiles on the floor, said he will call boys for me that night.. Omo I give an account number, he sent the money and said I should get out

Omo me and my roommate that night begin find where to sleep😭

Omo I wish I was joking.

Just avoid that house by all means, you’re better off squatting in a hut in Ikorodu.
The man is evil, the house is terrible and you can be thrown out in the middle of having sex!