A mentally challenged woman who receives daily visits from her loyal dog caught the attention of residents around the area she stays.

A Twitter user shared photos of the dog playing with the mentally unstable woman and revealed that the loyal canine usually visits the woman every night.

The user with the handle, @Nigeriangod_ also disclosed that the woman’s family and friends have abandoned her but the dog makes checks on her whenever it’s freed for the night.

Sharing her photos, the Twitter user wrote,

There’s this mentally unstable woman opposite the area where I stay, I noticed that every night a dog use to come play with her & the way they both interact is always a beauty to watch. I was told she owned the dog before she had her mental issues and it comes visiting her every

Night when it’s been released to go and play, funny enough the dog walks from close to a kilometer to come play with her then go back home.
She was abandon by families & friends but her Dog never did😭🥰❤️.

He also shared a video of the lady.