A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter page to share the sinister plan he has for a lady who rejected him when he was not financially buoyant but now that he is, she’s come back crawling to him.

The said man revealed how the lady rejected him five years ago and went on to date a guy who was quite richer than he was at the time and was always showering the lady with so much gifts but they eventually broke up two years later.

He shared that things eventually turned out well for him and the lady saw that he’s doing now fine and decided to come crawling back to him… meanwhile, he has a diabolic plan put in place for her.

Read what he shared on his page,

I don’t like hurting women but I’m definitely gonna break this one’s heart so bad that she’ll quit being a hungry girl in her life.

So I met this girl about 5 years ago, when I was really still struggling in life. I liked her and she liked me too but she doesn’t wanna date me because I was really broke, she didn’t put it that way then but with what happened recently it became evident that she rejected me then coz I was broke. Back I was her best friend, we vibed and spent a lot of time together, at some point I asked her out but she turned me down giving me different excuses, the major excuse being that she isn’t ready for any relationship at that point, she even asked us to both wait for six months and see what happens between us…like some we could date after studying each other for 6 months kinda shit.

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