The presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has averred that any accountant or architect that doesn’t have a job lacks integrity.

Preaching during a recent church service, the popular clergyman stated that any accountant or architect who doesn’t have a job is not being attacked by the devil, but it’s because they lack integrity.

According to him, there is a wide array of jobs available for the taking and if those professionals can’t secure one, then it’s because their integrity is questionable.

He added that integrity is the most important qualification for accountants, not ICAN.

His words,

“Any builder not getting jobs is not the devil. It is integrity that is your problem. All architects, all builders, civil engineers, if you are not getting jobs..there are too many jobs. It is not because there is no jobs, You lack integrity.

You are so good…anybody that is good and is not getting jobs…any accountant that is not employed lacks integrity. The first qualification of an accountant is integrity. The second qualification is integrity, the third is integrity. Not ICAN. An accountant’s qualification is not ICAN. ICAN without integrity, you are in the CAN.”

Watch him speak below,