Twitter users have shared the “dumbest thing” they’ve done for love and some of these stories are both funny and sad at the same time.

Below are some stories we culled from the micro-blogging platform.

Story No.1 – Kweku the Traveller ;

Traveled from lagos to ibadan without telling anyone, i got to ibadan and she refused to pick calls. went back to lagos that same day and came back to ibadan the next day, her phone was switched off when i arrived

Went back to lagos again, got home and started crying

Story NO.2 – The loyal Jambyte ;

Refuse going to school first time I got admission just bcuz she said I can’t go bcuz she hasn’t gotten hers.
To my surprise the following year babe got admission and left me at home waiting for next jamb.

Story No.3 – The Sugar Zaddy;

I sold my phone for a lady to make her hair (someone then replied “I hope she didn’t loose that hair for life.”)

Story No.4 – Love in the face of terrorist attack

First attack of bokoharam back then in Kano state I went looking for her same area of attack

Story No.5 – The Oniduro lover;

I met her in a mess,helped her paid a huge debt her ex made her to incur, helped her get additional source of income(she was a banker). Immediately she balanced well& financially better….she get belle for same ex that caused her pain & the initial mess. Very painful

Story No.5 – Another traveler;

I needed to go see this guy in Lagos so bad and I didn’t have flight fee or even complete transport fare. So I went to Bonny Way Motors in Jos and asked for the price of “attach” those small chairs in-between the aisle of luxury buses. The said 4k, and I sat on it all through