Popular Nigerian Music Producer, Shizzi, has taken to his social media page to call out his manage, Efe over a bad deal he made him sign and has been stuck on for the last 6 years.

“I’m gonna rise no matter what…the world will know how evil and devilish you are Efe,” Shizzi wrote as he shared his manager’s photo on his story.

He then went on to describe Efe as a “heartless human being” explaining he’s been stuck in the worst publishing deal and now he’s holding him back from breaking free.

Efe is the epitome of a heartless human being! I’ve been stuck in the worst sonymusicpub deal for 6 years because of him! You will NEVER STOP WHAT GOD HAS ORDAINED FOR ME! You have done absolutely NOTHING for my career but try and take everything away from me and my family! I unknowingly got signed to an archaic MDRC deal because of this man. He never gave us the right to choose an attorney to thoroughly inspect the contract in 2016 because his friend/partner in crime was the attorney that we were FORCED to work with on the deal and now he doesn’t want to let me free! As of late last year, SonyATV said they were going to let me go only if he agrees with terms of termination #FREESHIZZI enough is enough! I will drag your name to the mud with the TRUTH! You can’t get away with this! #FreeShizzi #ShortmanDevil 👿

It’s suckas like this that will make you fall into depression and want to quit doing what you love the most. This man has had me in the worst Publishing deal for 6 years and won’t let me go for reasons no one understands.

It’s not like he’s helping me do SH*T but he just won’t let go of me but I have kids to look after and I won’t stop until I am free from you SUCKA