Nothing Says Back-to-School Like Brand New School Supplies

It seems this holiday went by too fast. Just the other day, the kids were closing from school and having their end of term parties. Fast forward to this week, the only conversation you can pick up from the kids are, school is resuming, Mummy, Daddy, I need a new pair of shoes, lunch boxes, school uniforms, bags and the list goes on.

Remember, kid’s feet grow at record pace, so it’s imperative to check if that last term shoes still sizes and it’s in good condition for the third term home run.

Research has shown that kids show confidence, more enthusiasm to learning and eager to go back to school when they have new school supplies to look forward to. And that’s where SKIT Stores come in to help usher in the third term of this School Year, in a GRAND STYLE!

Walk into any SKIT store and stock up on everything your child needs from school uniforms to school bags, school shoes, stationery, lunch box, Educational Gadgets, dress accessories, water bottles, and so much more at discounted prices. Skit stores are fully dedicated to providing quality school supplies, office and lifestyle items. So be rest assured that SKIT will cater to your need and give you the best experience money can buy at a reasonable price.

Skit Store didn’t come to play as they come prepared with new arrivals on wide varieties from reputable brands like Smiggle, Disney, Sketchers, Quilo, Giorgio, Superland, Mona Matthews, Jansport, JWorld, Pierre Cardin, Amazon etc.

As if the beautiful new arrivals were not enough, to make this season more exciting, you can now make your purchases at any SKIT stores and have the flexibility to spread your payment into 4 installments. That’s awesome, right? Now, you don’t have to break a bank to meet all your kids/wards school supplies need. A trip to a Skit Store or a click on will solve all your back-to-school issue.

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