Big Brother Naija star and entrepreneur, Ifu Ennada, has berated ladies who date married men and men who cannot stay faithful to their wives.

Women in romantic relationships with males they know are married, according to Ennada, have a specific place in hell reserved for them.

“Single girls who date/sleep with married men in monogamous marriages have a special place in hell. You can always say no to their advances but selfishness has you out here hurting your own gender.” She wrote.

Addressing cheating husbands, the reality star urged them to at least use protection during intercourse with their side chicks to protect their innocent wives from STIs.

“If you are going to cheat on your wives, use condom abeg. An unplanned pregnancy isn’t the only thing that can happen…STDs are not a joke. It will be selfish of you to share STDs from your ugly affairs to your wife who has done nothing but stay faithful to your adulterous ass. Don’t forget your brain when obtaining cheap focos.” She added.

In other news, a Nigerian man, Hero Onye Chief, has weighed into the trending conversation about actor, Yul Edochie, who recently unveiled his second wife, Judy Austin and their son.

It can be recalled that the revelation caused a huge stir on social media on Wednesday, April 27.

Reacting in a post shared on Facebook, Onye stated that if a woman also decides to take a second husband, nothing will happen but no woman have had the willpower or financial capability to pull it off.

He added that both men and women are polygamous in nature because many women are already practicing polyamory by dating multiple boyfriends, sugar daddies and cheating on their partners.