A Nigerian man has stated that it’s disrespectful for a married woman to ask any man for money including her own brothers.

According to @jon_d_doe on Twitter, peradventure a married woman wants to ask her brothers for money, she must seek her husband’s permission first.

He tweeted,

“It’s disrespectful for a married woman to ask for money from any man that’s not her husband.

And this includes her own brothers.

If she wants to ask for money from her own brothers, she should first seek for the consent of her husband.

Even if her husband is broke & they need the money.

Even if she used the money to sort problems in their family.

She must first get his consent. The worst are married women who go all the way to ask their ex for financial help.

It’s a let down on her husband. Even if she didn’t ask from her brothers & they just decided to give, she should still tell her husband. She can decide not to say the exact amount, depending on the type of man she’s married to but he should be made aware.

Call it pride or ego or whatever, but no man takes it kindly to know that another man is financing his wife.”

A lot of men have expressed agreement with John Doe’s tweet as they affirm that it’s indeed disrespectful for their woman to ask other men for money.

Reacting, a Ghanaian man disclosed that he had to divorce his wife because she was consistently asking her brothers and cousins for money.

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