A Nigerian writer, identified as Chinenye Azubuike, has averred that she now understands why some women spiritually tie their husbands.

This comes amid the controversy surrounding polygamy in Nigeria after Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie took a second wife despite being married to his first wife for 17 years.

Taking to Facebook, Chinenye stated that she’s disappointed in the men, especially Christian men, supporting polygamy and noted that she doesn’t blame women who go the extra mile to make their men faithful to them.

Read as she wrote below,

“Now I understand why some women go spiritual and tie their husbands.

It is now clear to me.

Since 98% of the men are supporting adultery and polygamy, since the men are supporting their gender, please henceforth, I will start supporting my gender.

I am announcing it incase you see my comment on blogs supporting a woman having a child from outside, if you see me supporting a woman cheating, anytime you just see me supporting my gender, do not attack me oh.

I am simply following the trend.

Dear men, when the women start their own wickedness make e no shock una oh. Remember say na second person own na him Dey pain pass.

Imagine Nigerian men who call themselves Christians busy celebrating polygamy and even saying the Bible supports it. Izzorait.

Imagine Nigerian men encouraging ladies to date married men. Una try. You all should well done.

Dear married women expect ANYTHING in your home. It could be good or bad but expect anything!

Those tying their men I do not judge you anymore. The street is brutal.

As you were…………”