Reality show star, Kim Kardashian has disclosed that she would like to get married one more time after getting married and divorced times.

The media personality got married to her first husband, Damon Thomas, at 19 in 2000 to before they parted ways in 2004. She then married Kris Humphries in 2011 which also hit the rock in 2013.

Her most recent marriage to American rapper, Kanye West, who she wed in 2014 and produced four children, also ended in 2021.

Kim who is currently dating Pete Davidson after being declared legally single in March, has now disclosed that she would like to get married again because the fourth time is always a charm.

The mom of four made this known on her family’s reality show, The Kardashian.

“I believe in love,” the 41-year-old says.

She added, “That’s why, hopefully, there will be just one more wedding for me. Fourth time’s the charm!”

A while ago, American rapper and record producer, Kanye West, pleaded with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian to come back to him.

It can be recalled that Kim reportedly filed for a divorce from her husband, Kanye, after six years of marriage and four children together.

Although the socialite is said to be romantically involved with, CNN reporter, Van Jones, it appears Kanye doesn’t care and wants his wife back.

He declared his intention of having his wife back in a new song released on Amazon Prime. He pleaded with her to come back to him.

“And when you run away baby, I need you to run right back to me,” the lyrics read in part.

To be clear on who he’s singing to, Kanye added his wife’s name, Kimberly.