A lady has reportedly called off her wedding, which was set to take place in a few days, over her fiancé’s refusal to pay for her family’s flight.

According to a Twitter user, @Austin_Uwakwe, who shared the rather bizarre incident on the platform, his friend’s fiancée called off the wedding after her husband-to-be failed to book flights for her family members.

Austin said the groom-to-be insisted he didn’t have that much money to spend on flights for her family members, and this made her cancel their wedding that was supposed to be held on May 8, 2022.

He added that although the man in question is rich and can afford it, “he doesn’t want to throw money around”.

“My guys wedding is on the 8th May. His wife to be asked him to book flight for her family members to attend their wedding. The guy said he doesn’t have that kind of money to throw away. She called off the marriage. Man dodged a bullet

You people will always find a way. I’m not surprised either. What’s stopping her from book her family members flight ticket. Oh because of the ‘throwaway’ she called it off. Oh she has done noble.

Just because she heard the guys family will be coming with flight. She’s probably this woke type of babe who feels she got options. She called it off with her full chest.

Man is rich but doesn’t want to throw money around. You shouldn’t take because I’m rich you wanna order the world. Who does that? Nobody should know any slut but let’s know how to contribute to a union”. He tweeted.