Akwa Ibom based pastor, Ab Isong, has advised people to get married and build the life of their dreams together instead of waiting for ready-made spouses. 

“Some people are still struggling to find who to marry because they lack the ability to build and the patience to wait,” he wrote. 


When a man wants to build a house, he’ll first get the land and then proceeds to have the building in his head interpreted via drawing and gradually work begins and then months or years later, an amazing masterpiece is erected to the admiration of everyone


Don’t forget that place was once an empty space. Stop looking for a ready-made spouse!


Majorly there’s nothing like the husband or wife of my dream. Stop! let’s rewind this tape.


You said the husband or wife of your dream abi?


This is what it means, take a decision, marry and then turn your spouse to the model you saw in your dream. The grass is greener on the other side na person wateram


The picture on the left is us as raw materials taken in 2010 and the picture on the right is our recently captured picture of the future we saw in 2010, do you understand?


So marry that spouse today and work on yourselves till you achieve the dream spouse you had always wanted


You’ll live to see your great grand children isn’t a prayer point. Just marry early.


I hope this helps someone out here to take that decision. Feel free to inbox me for counseling and prayer