Ubi Franklin’s babymama, Sandra Iheuwa has alleged that some married women especially those in Lekki cheat on their husbands.

Sandra’s source of statistical information is unknown but in her post, she seemed convincing as she talked about a situation where a married woman had an ‘office romance’ with a coworker.

The post she shared reads;

“The way some married women cheat on their husbands especially in Lekki is alarming. How can a married woman be romancing a cowoker at work. Na wa o.”

Sandra recently turned a new age and she reflected on what she’s gone through in the past year.

She wrote;

“Y’all made me so emotional I had no idea I was this loved 🥰. I promise not to cry anymore… don’t even know how I got through most of the trauma I’ve been through that I almost lost myself but now I’m forever grateful to God because it all ended in praise 🙌🏾

This year is going to be different for me by the grace of God. I’m elevating to greater height. I’m turning my millions into billions by the Grace of God I’m doing it for my kids future and also for my employees not just me. May God help me “