A British mother who reported that she had been raped while on holiday with her boyfriend in Corfu reportedly woke up after a night out to find a hotel worker on top of her, according to a police source.


The woman, described as in a ‘bad condition’ when she arrived, went to the police station in the north of the Greek island in the early hours of Sunday morning May 15, to report the crime.


She later identified the hotel worker brought in by police officers as her alleged attacker. 


Greek police have arrested the 40-year-old man who has denied the accusations and claimed that the sex had been consensual.


A police source told The Sun Online that the woman had been on holiday with her boyfriend in northern Corfu.


After a night out, the couple came back to the hotel but the woman woke to find the man on top of her, the source said.


The accused remains in the custody while a case is brought against him. He denies the charges of rape, claiming that the woman consented to have sex with him.


The British tourist will undergo a a forensic examination today as part of the investigation.


A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: ‘We are in contact with Greek authorities following an incident in Corfu, and stand ready to provide support if requested.’