The messages a boyfriend received from his girlfriend after he was unable to satisfy her wants, is beginning to cause a stir on social media as netizens have varying opinions on the issue.

A screenshot of the chat, showing messages received from the man’s girlfriend has the lady complaining about how he always has an excuse anytime she asks him for something.

One screenshot shows her asking for “Sharwarma and Ice-Cream” and probably after he gave an excuse for not getting her what she wanted, what followed is a stream of messages of the lady complaining about his inabilities in their relationship.

She eventually declares that she doesn’t want to be in the relationship anymore since her man is unable to provide for her… The screenshots of their chats was shared online and varying reactions have trailed the gossip.

Read their chats as you scroll,

In other news, a call girl confronted a young man who allegedly booked her service but refused to pay, and the moment was captured on camera.

The lady is seen requesting the man for her pay after a sex romp in the viral video, but the man blatantly refused to pay her accusing her of giving him a tough time.

The sex worker, on the other hand, refuted the claim and went on to question one of the men on the scene if she had ever given him a hard time. Watch the video here