A Nigerian man has taken to social media to mourn his friend, who allegedly died due to Nigeria’s poor health care system.

The man identified as Iwuala Nnamdi said his friend fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, none of the hospitals he was taken to had oxygen, ventilators, or enough bed space.

Mourning his friend in a touching tribute, Nnamdi wrote,

“May Nigeria not happen to you, may you not be sick in Nigeria, only son gone. Always check your BP, truth be told you need to watch your health because as soon as you get very sick in Nigeria without discovering it early you have no chance.

“Rushed to FMC there is no bed, rushed to another hospital there is no oxygen, taken to Save a life, there is no life machine ( Ventilator) and he is referred back to FMC. And that is how Nigeria failed you Gidigba Obere Agu I am sorry brother, may you Rest In Peace because even we here in Nigeria we are not even in peace.

“Farewell my brother my friend, I pray your young wife bears this loss and take heart, till we all meet again wherever it is. My heart bleeds for you !!”