Actress Onyi Alexx has shared a video showing NDLEA officers invading her premises.

She said when she confronted the men, they apologized and said they thought they saw a man jumping into her compound.

”I am still Shuddering and shivering. I am very dumbfounded and traumatized. Please watch this is a …………. minutes footage of @ndlea_nigeria jumping through my fence with no bidding from me or any warrant. My little niece who saw them jumping through my gate called on my attention before I could even comprehend what was happening they had gained entrance into my kitchen , sitting room and was heading upstairs , I was in shock. I have a baby in my home. My little niece is still startled and In complete shock too.

They finally meet with me on my staircase inside my house and said it’s a mere mistake , they saw a man running who jumped into my compound. I kindly asked them to leave my home which they concurred too. I am very devastated. This is definitely not fair. I didnt deserve this unnecessary threat from you @ndlea_nigeria

I watch videos of how you (NDLEA) abuse the power bestowed on you by Nigerians , your men look nothing like law enforcement agents , they have no regards and respect for people . How do you even enter someone’s house without permission or someone to witness your activities within my space . I hope nothing was planted in my house by these lawless humans in your NDLEA monkey jacket. Enough said , I will definitely be in contact with your agency through the right medium . @ndlea_nigeria @nigeriapoliceforce”

Watch the video below…