14-year-old boy banned from entire town after threatening many residents

A 14 year old teen has been banned from a town after launching a campaign of misery, and threats towards the town’s residents.

Keylan Evans, displayed anti-social and threatening behaviour, as well as online abuse in the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster, UK according to West Mercia Police.

According to local reports from Kidderminster, the police were forced to take action following a string of complaints from local businesses and the community who fell prey to the teen’s dubious ways.


Worcester Magistrates’ Court slapped him with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) for ‘causing a significant amount of distress and harassment to local businesses, members of the public and the wider community’.

The court designation means Evans, from Stourport-on-Severn, will be forbidden from entering the town until May 2025.

The ban prevents him from entering Kidderminster, except to attend court, a police station or see his solicitor, and associate with certain people.

He is also banned from being in a group of more than three people in public, outside his immediate family.

Restrictions were also placed on his behaviour and communications.

The teen could face a fine or a prison sentence if he were to breach the order. 

Sergeant Daniel Townsend said: ‘This order will hopefully prevent him from acting in this manner in the future.

‘I hope the CBO provides reassurance to the local community that the police will take positive action in these situations.’