A young lady has sparked concern from netizens after she showed an allergic reaction on her hand a week after she showed off her engagement ring on social media.

Taking to TikTok, the lady identified as @d_asuming shared a video of her hand covered in eczema, only a week after she got engaged and showed off her engagement ring.

According to her, the eczema flare is on her hands, feet, and legs. She also revealed that the last time she had eczema was as a child.

Reacting, social media users noted that it is possible that the bride-to-be is reacting to the ring, while others opined that it is an ‘attack’.

See some comments below,

@unwana_kingz, “We are Africans and we can’t afford not to read meaning into any ailments…… because we have highest rate of barbaric sh!t happening in this country daily”.

@keemoafashions, “She is probably reacting to some element in the ring ..it’s maybe sterling silver”.

@stella_offor_makike, “Your hand is reacting to the engagement ring because it’s not a gold ring”.

@estadamshelterherbalcare, “Funny thing is that it may not even be from the ring. She should check what she’s eating that she’s reacting to. Let her go to the hospital and get tested. It’s not everything that is Spiritual attack, most are Medical issues”.

Watch video below,