Popular Twitter personality, Daniel Regha made an interesting fashion statement at an award show organized over the weekend.

Daniel who is know for dropping his hot take on trending issues on Twitter, decided to rock his 10-year-old native outfit to the 2022 TrendUpp Awards held on Sunday, June 12.

Taking to Twitter after the event, the controversial tweeter hinted that he purposely wore the outfit to prove a point.

According to him, contrary to popular notion that celebrities shouldn’t wear the same outfit twice because they are a public figure, repeating clothes proves that they are the real owner of the outfit.

He shared an old picture of him wearing the native attire and a photo taken at the award show and wrote,

“Wore my 10 years native outfit to the TrendUpp Awards 2022, I looked effortlessly handsome; Repeating clothes proves you’re the legit owner, & I’m too real to fake it cos authenticity pays. Self-contented.

His stunt has sparked mixed reactions from netizens. See how some reacted below,

@uncle_sarm wrote,

“It is so unfair to wear one cloth for 10 years, you could have easily gone to the boutique to get another one and let that atire have some peace, but you decided to keep punishing this poor cloth, i think you should stop this act as it does not speak good of you, no shades!”

@Eternal_naija wrote,

“The only reason a person will wear the same cloth they had 10 years ago is poverty. Extreme poverty.

Go and look for money and buy clothes. You are so poor and trying to cover it up with motivational speech.”

@Blaq_uche wrote,

“Omo! You don’t add weight? 10yrs same outfit and it fits perfectly! 😳

I can’t even fit into my clothes from 6months ago 🤦🏾‍♀️”

@heykynz wrote,

“Daniel, send your measurements to my DM let me make you another attire so that you can retire this one. You only have to pay for delivery. ✌🏽”