Lady vows to leave Nigeria after she was almost kidnapped due to fuel scarcity

A Twitter user has vowed to leave Nigeria after she was almost kidnapped due to fuel scarcity.


Sharing her experience with the lingering fuel scarcity in the country, @THEKITANJUBRIL disclosed that there were no buses and she was forced to enter a private car after staying for a long time at the bus stop. 


She further revealed that this led to her being almost kidnapped. The Twitter user wrote;


Cried like a baby this evening,I was so shaky.. I can’t wait to leave this Nigeria as a whole,a very useless country

Nigeria almost happened to me yesterday because,fuel scarcity,no buses,everybody was stranded at the bus stop,I was forced to enter private car after staying so long at bus stop and I was almost kidnapped. Grateful for life. I’ll leave this country unharmed bi ithnillah.