A Nigerian man, identified simply as Victor, has narrated how his cousin abandoned him when he moved to Winnipeg, Canada.

Victor who said he chose a school in Winnipeg because his cousin lives there and was assured that he would help him settle down in the country, said he received a rude shock when he was left high and dry when he landed in Canada.

According to him, his cousin didn’t pick him up at the airport and he was left to figure things out on his own safe for the help of some strangers.

Taking to Twitter to share his experience, @Vizzy_rayven wrote,

“Before I left Nigeria for Canada, my family members told me “Victor don’t worry, your distant cousin is in Winnipeg, he’ll take care of you” Omo na so I reach Winnipeg the distance my cousin put between us was like damn bro aren’t we family no more, we grew up together.

He would not even answer my calls, we met like once and mans didn’t even come pick me up at the airport when I arrived. It was literally strangers I’ve never met that put me through. Sometimes family is just blood, a stranger can do what a family member can never do for you

if he told me right off the bath I would have to find my way I wouldn’t have even been tripping about me been distant, it’s the fact my guy promised me so many things and I needed guidance for sure, I arrived Canada end of January, beginning of winter, was 3weeks behind in class.

I was 3 weeks late, class already started . Arrived late January, had to walk 35mins in the blizzard for a week before I fully understood how the Winnipeg transit worked. Got sick in my 2nd week. Started regretting why I chose Winnipeg (because of my cousin).”