A viral video has captured the moment an Ibadan-based thrift collector who reportedly fled with contributions to Lagos was nabbed.

According to viral reports, the young lady gathered contributions from her unsuspecting clients in Ibadan and allegedly used the money to relocate to Lagos to start a new life.

She’s also alleged to have used the contributions to organize an elaborate birthday bash for herself in Lekki, Lagos state.

In a viral clip, the lady was accosted by people who accused her of running away with their contributions.

Speaking in Yoruba, one of the irate contributors could be heard asking the lady to refund her money.

Watch video below,

In other news, A law student is set to face a disciplinary panel after being issued a query for drinking water from a bottle during law dinner.

The query letter which was sent by authorities of the Lagos campus of the Nigerian Law school, states that the student violated Rule 6 (29) of the Code of Conduct for Students of the Nigeria law school on dinner etiquette and manners.

Read a copy of the letter as shared by a Twitter user here.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has given his reason why he feels women who undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their backside can never be faithful.

According to the gentleman, any lady who has gone through the entire arduous and painful process of cosmetic surgery isn’t going through all that just because of one man’s attention.

He says a lady who does cosmetic surgery is seeking all the attention she can get and it’s definitely not from one man.