Nigerian supermodel, Faith Morey has averred that most women criticize their fellow women for undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery because they can’t afford it.

Faith made this submission in a post she shared on her Instagram story on Monday, June 27.

According to the mother of one, she’s glad that more women are accepting the surgical procedure which is carried out to enhance their figure.

She further stated that it’s funny to see that most of the women who have gone under the knife are same ones who castigated other women for undergoing the procedure.

The actress and model wrote,

“More women are embracing BBL, and it’s exciting to see that some of them were those who always talked down on other women for going under the knife.

“I ‘ve always known that most women talk down on BBL because they can’t afford it. Anyways, before you criticise anything, make sure you have the money and have probably tried it.”

A while ago, Faith Morey took a jab at those supporting political candidates for their personal gains ahead of the 2023 general election.

The actress, in a video she shared on her Insta-stories addressing those supporting political candidates for their own selfish interests, said she hopes Nigeria happens to them.

Morey also told people running for political offices for monetary value and their own selfish gains, jeopardizing the future of the country, that Karma is waiting for them.

She urged Nigerians to learn from the EndSARS movement and make informed decisions in the forthcoming elections.