Nigerians on social media have continued to mourn the death of Catholic priest, Reverend Father Vitus Borogo, who was killed by bandits in Kaduna State.

The 50-year-old priest from Benue state was killed at the Nigerian Prison Farm in Kujama in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna on Saturday, June 25.

Nigerian journalist and activist Steven Kefas, who took to Facebook to mourn the late priest, recalled how he had told him in 2017 that Kaduna was the only home he knew.

Kefas shared a screenshot of a chat with Father Vitus where he revealed he was born and raised in Zaria, and Kaduna was the only place he considered home.

“Yesterday, Most Rev Fr. Vitus Bogoro, the Chaplain of Kaduna Polytechnic Catholic community was killed by terrorists at the Prison Farm, Kujama. Why didn’t they kidnap Padre & ask for ransom? Why did they outrightly murder him? Padre loved Kaduna dearly and once told me in 2017 that Kaduna is the only home he knows yet the same Kaduna killed him for no justifiable reason.

“I am heartbroken, that a gentleman, a man whose humility is second to known had to die in such s manner by the bullets of some stinking terrorists from hell. Rest in Power Padre, Nigeria and Kaduna failed you! Elrufai & Buhari, it shall never be well with you and your generations”. The journalist wrote, sharing a screenshot of the chat.

Read the chat below,