Man paid 330 times his monthly salary disappears with the money before company could get it back

An employee of an industrial company in Chile has absconded after the company mistakenly paid him 330 times his salary.


The man, who is a staff at the Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos company, was paid around £150,000 for one month of work.


He should only have been paid around £450 for the month of June.


After he received the money, rather than return the excess to the company, he took the money and ran. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since then.


According to local news outlet Diario Financiero, he did actually report the overpayment to his manager, who took it to HR.


Initially, when they told him to return the money, he agreed to do so.


He told them that he would go to the bank to start the chargeback the next day.


But when he got to the bank, he took the money and disappeared.


His employers tried to get hold of him over the next three days, but what they got in return was a message from a lawyer offering his resignation.


A complaint has been filed with law officials, charging the man with misappropriation of funds, but no arrests have been made because they can’t find the man to do so.


The average take-home pay of people in Chile is around £750 per month