US-based Nigerian businessman, Francis Van-Lare, has dished out a piece of advise to people planning to start off a new relationship.

Francis, who has been married and divorced five times, gave this advice in response to a question posed by American TV personality, Steve Harvey, on Facebook.

Harvey has gone online to solicit for ingenious advice from netizens for people who are about to start dating a new partner.

“What advice would you give to a person who is about to get into a new relationship?” he asked.

In response, Francis took to the comment section to advise such persons to sleep with each other before making a serious commitment so they would know if what they feel for each other is true love or lust.

“Go straight to the bedroom and have sex first. After the sex you both can determine if it’s going to be love or your lust has been satisfied.” Francis replied.

According to him, his advice is the best one that can be given to intending couples.

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A while ago, Francis Van-Lara opined that Jesus didn’t speak about premarital sex, hence it is not a sin.

In a Facebook post, Francis Van-Lare, the estranged husband of relationship expert Amara Nwosu, noted that “no sex before marriage” is not in the 10 commandments.

According to him, men who grew up being told that sex without getting married or fornication is hellfire are now against the teachings of Christianity that preach against such an act.