Big Brother Naija season 7 bestfriends, Amaka and Phyna, are currently at loggerheads over their male housemate, Groovy, whom they have both developed feelings for.

This comes after Groovy’s initial love interest, Beauty, was disqualified from the show after a fight she had with him for dancing with another female housemate, Chomzy, during one of their Saturday night parties.

Following Beauty’s exit from the house, Amaka opened up to her best friend, Phyna, about her feelings for Groovy, and in response, Phyna encouraged her to shoot her shot.

During the week, taking her bestie’s advice, Amaka summoned courage and confessed her love for Groovy.

However, while Amaka would have expected Groovy to reciprocate her love, he’s been passing the night on her best friend, Phyna’s, bed ever since she (Amaka) confessed her love to him.

Amaka, who feels betrayed, tells the housemate how Phyna stole Groovy from her, despite knowing she was head over heels in love with him.

In a surprising turn of events, the playful duo, Phyna and Amaka, who joke around the house, were engaged in a heated argument and hurled insults at each other this morning.

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