Self-acclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi is once again in the news for the wrong reason, and this time, he has been outed for being a ‘serial beggar’.

This comes after he took to Twitter to advise men against dating broke women because they won’t help them grow, but rather drain them.

He tweeted on Thursday, August 11,

“Men, stop dating broke women. They won’t help you grow. They’ll drain you. They need money for everything, even for oxygen. They hate work, but they love soft life. Check their IG, you’ll think they’re millionaires. Avoid dating broke women, but give them jobs if you can, but they hate working though. So it’s a lose-lose case.”

The tweet didn’t sit well with a lot of people, especially women, who attacked him for saying all broke women hate working.

Amid the uproar caused by the tweet, some women began sharing chats purportedly showing Solomon Buchi stylishly begging them for money and material things.

Multiple women expose

In one of the chats, he slid into a woman’s DM because she had ‘London’ on her profile and asked her for £1,500 for a new guitar. Other chats shows him telling women that he’s broke and needs money.

After the tweets surfaced online, netizens asserted that Solomon doesn’t have the right to call women broke because he’s not any different.

Solomon, who was recently in the news for saying his fiancée, Arike, is not the most beautiful or intelligent, was also dragged for opening a GoFundMe for their forthcoming wedding.

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