Popular reality star, Erica, came down hard on a troll who slammed her for updating her fans about her ill health on Twitter.

The BBNaija star was recently hospitalised for food poisoning after eating at one of the new fancy restaurants.

Erica, who took to her Twitter handle to share the update with her fans, disclosed that she’s better now.

“Good morning everyone, I’ve been Ill with food poisoning from eating at one of these new fancy restaurants and I had to go to the hospital but I’m better now!” she wrote.

A Twitter user, however, deemed the announcement unnecessary. He queried why the actress shared her personal issues on Twitter.

“What’s our business? Must you bring your private life here madam!!” He wrote.

Replying, in a now deleted tweet, Erica wrote,

“Listen pig, it’s my page and I will type what I want. Ask yourself why you’re following me, and what truly is your business?”

In related news, Big Brother Naija star and actress, Erica recently had an exchange with a social media troll.

Erica was disqualified from last years edition of the popular reality TV show and according to the troll, she fell off.

The twitter drama began when Erica tweeted ; “Awww you’re jealous”

The troll then replied ; “You fell off”.

One would expect the reality to fire back at the troll but in an unexpected twist, she sent him a hug.

She wrote ;

“Awww you were really craving my attention weren’t you? Here’s a hug”.