A police officer is currently receiving heat on social media after he bragged that an FRSC officer changed his mind about arresting him for breaking a road traffic law after realizing he is a policeman.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, August 16, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi disclosed that he was driving and receiving a call in Abuja, when a road safety officer stopped him and threatened to arrest him for using his phone while driving.

According to him, when the FRSC official heard him giving orders to the DPO in his station, he mellowed and let him go.

He tweeted,

“I was driving today in abuja, and one road safety officer who wanted to arrest me for using phone, heard me instructing the DPO to put one person in d cell, he just saluted me, and passed me.

“This is to say ‘to every rule, there must be an exception to save some situations’. Lol.”

The tweet has now garnered massive reactions on social media, with many criticizing him for boasting about getting away with impunity.

See some reactions below,

Following the backlash, the policeman claimed the incident never happened and he only shared the scenario to test the power of fake news.

He wrote, “It did not even happen, bc i dont drive myself while on duty, except off duty, and road safety officers dont operate beyong 6pm, or max 7pm. I only tested the strength of fake news, and we can see how its spreading like harmattan inferno.”