Self-acclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi has deactivated his verified social media accounts after being called out for being a ‘serial beggar’ online.

Solomon has been in the news lately for negative reasons. Few weeks ago, he was heavily criticized by both Nigerians and foreigners for saying his fiancée, Arike, is not the most beautiful or intelligent woman.

Most recently, he was lampooned for advising men to stop dating broke women because they won’t help them grow but drain them.

Following which several women dug up chats showing Solomon begging for money and material things from them years ago.

He was also dragged for allegedly soliciting for funds for his forthcoming wedding to his fiancée, and many advised her to dump him because he’s allegedly not a good match for her.

Well, it might seem as though the heat has been too much for Solomon as he has now deactivated his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

A quick search for his name on these platforms shows that he has taken down his accounts. However, it’s not clear if he deactivated his accounts temporarily or deleted them permanently.

A media personality, identified simply as Oluchi, has shared a think piece on Solomon’s plight which has garnered quite a number of reactions online.

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