How Nigerians, Celebrities Are Now Following The Son Of The Man Poised To Be The Country’s Next President; Seyi Tinubu

Sorry this might offend some people, but we are not saying Tinubu is Nigeria’s next president, obviously, he has a chance too, he is in the ruling party. Apologies to OBI-Dients and the Atikulated ones.

But have you noticed how Seyi Tinubu’s social media page – Instagram in particular has grown lately ever since his father, Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared for the first office and won the ruling party’s ticket?

Omoh… it’s not been the same! Lol.

Nigerians have trooped to his page in their thousands and have been following the once upon a time quiet man!

Infact Seyi Tinubu’s Instagram page has been on a real low key, till one of his younger friends, Davido posted it on his page sometimes ago, say last year.

That didn’t get him his over 313,000 instagram followers which he now boasts of tho.

Ever since his father won the ticket, Seyi who follows his father mostly around and out of the country, been a major part of his campaign team, has been sharing photos and giving updates on his instagram page.

Worthy of note is how verified and non verified celebrities from all works of life, including FOOTBALLERS now troop to his page to like EVERY PHOTO and sometimes comment!!

Do we say they are all trying to secure a place at aso rock should Tinubu win come 2023? Oh dear! Nigerians! Nigerians! LOL.

We could do some screen shots, and you had be shocked, but we will just let that slide. Smiles.

See screen shot of his instagram growth below;

Seyi Tinubu