Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze has tackled popular clergyman, Mike Bamiloye, over his savage response to a Facebook user who inquired about heaven.

The drama evangelist had taken to his Facebook page to share an unconfirmed report about the kingdom of heaven.

He wrote, “The most common words in heaven are: HALLELUYAH! and AMEN!”

An inquisitive Facebook user then asked to know if heaven truly exists and where it’s located.

“Where is Heaven?? Has anyone been there”, he wrote.

In response, the 62-year-old actor threw a jab at the Facebook user, saying that his post is only directed at Christians going to heaven.

See below,

Daddy Freeze knocks

The clergyman’s response didn’t sit well with Daddy Freeze and he chided him for being unruly towards the curious Facebook user.

He stated that he should have responded with kindness and buttress his claim with scriptural backing instead of being savage.

He further added that  the Facebook user has a higher chance of making heaven than the drama minister.

Daddy Freeze knocks

He wrote,

“Really? You that you are talking what guarantee do you have that you are going to heaven?

The poor guy asked a valid question, but instead of showing us a scripture that tells us that Hallelujah and Amen are the most common words in heaven, you decided to buttress the fruit of your fertile imagination with a ‘savage reply’

Although Rev 19:4 does say the 24 elders and the creatures all shouted Amen, Hallelujah, It however does not categorically state that those are the most common word in heaven. So it’s either you have been to heaven (like the guy asked) or have a scriptural backing to prove your proposition; savage does not cut it doctrinally. 🙄

Doctrines are not built on assumption or imagination, rather on solid scriptural backing.

What you posted is more likely to deny you heaven than the guys comment remember outside heaven’s gate along with the immoral and the evil is everyone who practices falsehood. If you want to make heaven, stop preaching and practicing falsehood.

◄ Revelation 22:15 ►
New International Version
Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

Let us remember that as teachers people are going to ask questions that demand answers, even if you want to be savage, give the guy an answer we are all waiting and watching.