A Nigerian photographer has come under fire following an encounter during a photoshoot.

Drama started when the photographer decided to demonstrate a perfect pose to the groom-to-be.

In a video seen by Skabash.com, the photograph was filmed grabbing the bride from behind and resting his head on her neck.

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Uncomfortable with the photographer’s action, the groom immediately pulls him off of her while gesturing to him to stay off.


@deetunez reacted:
“She was even rubbing his head omo this two have met before”

@purely_daylight commented:
“The babe nor see am for mirror? Why she come dey pretend mtcheeew”

@meet_mimi_ joked:
“Oga photo, demonstrate with ur mouth. We will “hear” the demonstration”

@black_veil565 said:
“As a photographer, you have no right to touch your model unless she permits”

@ms_jibbie stated:
“God save u say Na cool guy b the groom, some people go don deck am”

Lady sent back to Nigeria for falling exam

A young lady schooling abroad shared how her mum sent her back home to Nigeria for failing an examination.

The unidentified lady said she failed her General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examination conducted abroad, and her mother decided to punish her for it.

However, instead of lashing out at her or scolding her, her mum came up with the idea of sending her on a vacation back home to Nigeria.

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The young girl, via a TikTok video, is excited that she would be visiting Nigeria before she returns to her mother based in the diaspora.