An excited gatekeeper dancing joyously has got tongues wagging on social media.

In a viral TikTok video shared by one Angel Ngozi, the gateman was seen dancing joyously and could not contain his happiness after receiving news that his madam had given birth.

The gateman opened the gate and welcomed his oga’s wife, the newborn, and other relatives.

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He waited for them to get out of the car before he proceeded to showcase his exciting dance steps.

Many social media users who reacted to the video said the gateman is happening probably because his oga’s wife has been very good to him.

Another person quickly pointed out she suspects the gateman because of his excessive excitement after his madam gave birth.


welcoming the baby

♬ original sound – mc evergreen

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Gateman Confesses Feelings For His Madam With Mathematical Pickup Lines

Meanwhile, a Nigerian gateman left his employer speechless as he confessed his feelings for her and tried to woo her with pickup lines straight out of a New General Mathematics textbook.

In a post that made the rounds on Twitter, the employer Temitope Akinrimisi, brought the matter before netizens for satirical analysis.

Apparently, she was always friendly with him, and the familiarity caused the gateman to lose focus and interpret it as an avenue to shoot his shot at his madam.