A group called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has release a statement accusing Queen Elizabeth of being responsible for a “tragic period in Africa’s history”.


The statement was released shortly after the death of the British monarch at the age of 96.


“We do not mourn the death of Elizabeth, because to us her death is a reminder of the tragic period in this country and Africa’s history,” the statement began.


The South African group went on to detail the effects of Britain’s colonisation on different African countries.


They said Britain, under the leadership of the Royal family, took over control of South Africa and since then, the natives have never enjoyed the fruits of the country, instead it is used for the enrichment of the British Royal family.


The concluding part of the statement reads: “If there is really life and justice after death, may Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve.”


The statement is being circulated and has generated mixed reactions.


See the full statement below.