Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges has been slammed after joking about the Queen’s death at his Glasgow show, telling his audience that ‘she won’t be the only old woman to die this winter’.

The 35-year-old comic, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, made the comments at a his performance in the Hydro, Glasgow, last night for The Overdue Catchup tour.

He described it as ‘the only show to go ahead this evening’, also telling the audience that he wore ‘a black suit in tribute’, and said ‘we’re about to go into another lockdown’.

The audience roared with laughter in a video shared on TikTok – but his shameless gaffes have been met with disgust by fans of the comedian.

Users have slammed the 35-year-old who described his show opening as the ‘end of his career’.

Bridges said: ‘Good evening on this historic evening. This is the 40th time that I have performed at this venue so I’m sure you’ll read about it in all the papers in the morning, on the front page of the Daily Telegraph.’

He laughed, then added: ‘Anyway welcome to the only f*****g show in Britain going ahead this evening.’ The crowd responded with cheering and applause.

Bridges added: ‘The doors were at 6.30pm and she hung on, it’s what she would have wanted, so welcome.’

He then laughs and waits while the crowd responded with laughter and clapping. Bridges added: ‘I’m doing it for Lizzie and I’ve worn a black suit as a tribute.

‘Probably the last show before we back into lockdown.’

He added: ‘People checking their phones to see if they’ve got the day off in the morning. F******g grieving, I was up until 5am f*****g grieving.

‘The show is going ahead, she’s not going to be the only old woman to die this winter.’

He then made a comment about King Charles being ‘a wee dog’, which was greeted with laughter.

One person wrote: ‘You may not like the monarchy but have a bit of respect incredible.’

A user said: I did like him, not anymore, I’m not a royalist like many. Died in her favourite place – Scotland and still was working up to her death at 96.’

Another simply said: ‘Career wounder’, while one wrote: ‘Oh Kevin, what have you done for… silly boy, you will regret this.’

One responded to the three-minute clip: ‘No class at all lost all my respect for him,’ and another said: ‘Total disrespect.’

On Twitter, users shared their outrage to Bridges’ gags. One wrote: ‘Kevin Bridges in Glasgow last night scraping the bottom of the barrel.

‘Not only did the show go ahead, he thinks it’s funny that the queen died yesterday.’

In response, one wrote: ‘True colours well and truly shown. P***k.’ Another said: ‘No respect the classless c**t.’

Another responded: ‘Showing himself up to what he really is. Hope this clip makes the national news and his career goes down the pan.’

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