A transgender couple who have both switched gender, Jake and Hannah Graf, have welcomed their second child via surrogacy.

44-year-old Jake was born a biological female before transitioning into a man, while his 35-year-old wife, Hannah, a former Army captain, was born a biological male before she transitioned.

The pair, who got married in 2018 and have two children together – 2-year-old Millie and their newborn Teddie, welcomed their kids using eggs Jake harvested during a pause in his hormone therapy.

Jake in an interview with Dailymail said the eggs were harvested two years before he met Hannah and were fertilized by a sperm donor.

The excited father said, “A father of two! It’s more than I ever imagined. Just saying the words seems beyond my reality.”

 Transgender parents open

“It’s hard to imagine I once doubted this life was possible. There are so many trans people who would love to have a relationship and family like ours. We’re really very lucky,” Hannah added.

Speaking on the struggles of being trans-parents, the couple said they have received death threats from people condemning them for bringing children into the world.

 Transgender parents open

“We’re just normal — not the freaks and weirdos we’re made out to be. People make ill-informed judgments based on prejudices without even talking to us,” Jake said.

The couple said they feel the need to protect their daughters from the hate on the trans community, and said they would not choose for them to be transgenders because it has many downsides.

Jake said:

“We know we have to respect our children’s individuality. But, honestly, we would never choose for them to be trans. It’s a very hard life. You face more hatred and prejudice and it’s vastly more complicated to have a family.

“I think people expect us to have rainbow flags draped all over the house and to be bringing up the kids gender-neutral, which has never occurred to us. I love Millie in pink. She wears it all the time.

“She’s just a child and she loves jumping, playing in the sandpit, picking flowers and painting. We haven’t pushed her in any direction. We’ll just support her in whatever she wants to do.”