A young African man has made headlines after finally fulfilling his long time dream of building his own car.

The South African man from Bergville in Woodford, identified as Thembelani Zondo, said he saved the Sassa R350 (N8,596) grant money given to him and used it to buy materials.

According to the African Products Growth Facebook page, the young South African built the ‘car’ with his hands and didn’t use any machinery in the process.

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Although the engine type used by the ‘automobile’ is unknown, the ‘car’ still functions appropriately and can cover some good distance.

From reports, the ‘car,’ a fake Bugatti Veyron, can cover some distance at a speed of up to 100km/h.

Despite some negative comments on Facebook, some others have encouraged the young man to keep it up and that he is an innovator in the making.

Bugatti car built by Thembelani Zondo
Credit: African Products Growth

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Nigerian Man Who Converted Venza To A Rolls Royce Says He Never Went To The University

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man, Nonso Offor, went viral for converting his Toyota Venza car to a Rolls Royce Sweptail.

Despite the avalanche of luxurious cars worldwide, the Rolls Royce Phantom Sweptail stands in a class of its own and is worth about $13 million (N5.3 billion).

However, the young man who is without a university degree explained that God showed him exactly how to do it in a dream.