A young boy who was featured in a recently trending video in which he was seen crying as he worked at a construction site has shared his story.

Identified as Kamorudeen, the young lad was revealed to be working as a bricklayer in a bid to support his mother, as his father is late.

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#ayamolanrewaju♥️ #ayamolanrewaju #sunlamshkdbdhsn

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After the first video went viral, the user who posted it, identified as Lukman Samsudeen, shared these new touching details in a follow-up video, in which he revealed that the boy engages in menial work in a bid to support his mother, who is a farmer.

According to Lukman, the boy sees his mum only once a year in December, and he further urged netizens to help the boy, adding that Kamorudeen is willing to go back to school if given the opportunity.


This is the boy I posted yesterday and If you’re really willing help this boy please get in touch with me 🙏🙏God bless every soul willing to help #ayamolanrewaju♥️ #ayamolanrewaju #sunlamshkdbdhsn

♬ original sound – IAMBILLIRANO

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Nigerians hail man who makes cool cash from charcoal business

A young Nigerian man has revealed how he earns a decent living by engaging in charcoal business which many might not want to venture into.

The young man, Ali Mohammed, who resides in Kwara state, Nigeria, shared pictures and videos of himself packaging the charcoal into big sac bags.

He then loads the charcoal bags into a big truck for transportation to where they would be sold off for a huge amount of money.

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In one of the TikTok videos Ali shared, he was seen posing behind a fully loaded container carrying his bags of charcoal and ready to be dispatched.