A Nigerian man has narrated how he took his bank to court over a failed POS transaction of twenty-seven thousand naira, and eventually won a hundred and fifty thousand naira as settlement.

The man, identified as Omogiade Mega Gideon advised netizens on Twitter on how to resolve issues with their bank after a lady complained about an unauthorized transaction from her account.

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Identified as Nwanlecha, the lady lamented that the sum of ₦1.1 million was withdrawn from her bank account without her permission, and Gideon appeared in her comment section to advise her on how to go about resolving the issue.

According to him, he had an issue involving a failed POS transaction of ₦27,000, and when the bank failed to resolve it with due process, he sought out the services of a lawyer. After much deliberation and pleading from the bank, all of which fell on his deaf ears, he was eventually settled out of court with ₦150,000 and an apology letter.

View the tweet below:

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When further pressed with questions by netizens, he advised:

“Get a lawyer, discuss legal fees.

“Have proofs you’ve tried all necessary available means to get a refund but failed.

“Your counsel will write to the bank, copy necessary 3rd party(ies) involved in the transaction. If they fail to resolve, file a claim, see them in court.”

Traditional worshippers storm police station in Lagos to effect the release of their drummer

In other news, there was big trouble in little China as traditional worshippers stormed the police station in Eredo in Epe, Lagos state on account of their drummer who was arrested some days before.

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The traditional worshippers came out en mass under the leadership of Ajefunke, their spiritual leader to effect the release of the drummer and other suspects held at the prison.