Peggy Ovire Shares How Her Sisters Sealed Her Marriage To Fredrick Leonard

Newlywed actress Peggy Ovire has shared how her sisters sealed
her marriage to Fredrick Leonard.

Sharing  moment from their wedding days ago on her Instagram page, Peggy disclosed how her marriage was sealed by her elder sisters who have been married for over 30 years now.

According to her, she grew up in a home that puts God first in everything and she is sure that her marriage is covered by God’s guidance and protection.

She wrote;

”This right here was the Highlight of the Night for me,
I was Raised in a family who puts God First in Everything & Grew up seeing my 2 big sisters Love God Fervently.
The eldest ,(left ) have been Married for 30yrs & my other sister Gifty (right )Married for 21yrs & still Counting…….
I don’t know how they do it but having them Cover us under Gods guidance,protection and Me following in their footsteps is a Blessing I’ll Never forget 🙏❤️